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 IMG_0885I take my parenting seriously and that includes fur babies.

So with this in mind, a couple weeks ago I headed “up the Valley” to listen to a talk by a homeopathic vet. My main reason for going was to gather more information on dealing with ticks so we could make an informed decision. Something in between constantly spraying Kevin, our 13 month old Alaskan Malamute, with a homemade essential oil spray and feeding him a pesticide “treat” every few months. I know “they” say that even though it kills the ticks it doesn’t hurt the dog, but still it doesn’t sit right with me. It makes no sense when I’m spending extra time and money to feed him a raw food diet with all its health benefits, to then feed him a pesticide..on purpose.

Let’s be honest here, many treatments, vaccines and pharmaceuticals  haven’t been adequately tested for side effects. And yes, I’m talking across the board here…humans and animals.

So what did I learn? That all the information/knowledge that I have in human health issues translates over to dogs (and cats). What I mean by that is that our fury friends are suffering the same health concerns as we are: A huge increase in thyroid problems, allergies, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, leaky gut, etc….huh, who knew?

The primary issue is with diet: Too many refined carbohydrates, fillers, sugars and ingredients that we can’t pronounce or digest. Add on top of that GMO’s, vaccinations, unnecessary antibiotics, etc. In other words not enough real, nutrient dense food being consumed while our systems are being bombarded with chemicals/toxins in both our internal and external environment. 

The answer is obvious ……….we need to clean up our diet and our internal/external environment for our sakes and our kids..including our fur babies. Yes I know it’s time consuming (meal planning/batch cooking), it’s expensive (CSA/bulk buying)…..they (or I or my spouse) don’t like it…..well, get over it. There I said it.

It’s time we started feeding our families, all its members, in a way that supports health and wellness, not based on what’s quick, easy or taste good ( we “like”). Seriously there is no other way, we can pay now or pay later. It’s that simple. We’re on a downward spiral and while I always say “do the best you can and forget about the rest”, we need to take our best to the next level.

Oh and as far as the ticks go? She suggested to mix up a spray of 3/4 green tea, 1/4 lemon juice, 12 drops sweet almond oil and 5 drops lavender. Spray on your dog before they go out, use a flea comb on them when they come in, keep their immune system strong with good food, minimal interventions and exposure to chemicals and toxins (inside and out) and let it go…the fear, I mean.



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