Long lazy days of Summer

The perfect time to spend time outside, in nature, alone or with family and friends, soaking up the sun and reconnecting!

-Take time to unplug from electronic devices that have become a huge part of our lives! On the one hand they can make our lives easier allowing us to get more done and stay connected. On the other hand multi tasking and that constant connection is stressful.

-Being barefoot outside wether standing, walking or even sitting quietly helps us reconnect with our bodies and nature. Quieting our mind and grounding ourselves this way, helps restore balance on all levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Maybe even hug a tree…..seriously, try it!

-Natural light improves sleep as it influences our melatonin levels, a hormone responsible for our sleep/wake patterns…who doesn’t want improved sleep?! This time of year there is no shortage of natural light, so enjoy the long days

-Fresh air can increase serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that affects our mood, appetite, memory and social interactions. And remember, serotonin is also made in the gut, so mind your diet as well. Summer time is a great time for fresh greens and seasonal fruits!

-Take time to really breath in all that fresh air, maybe starting a meditation or yoga practice on the deck or beach. Even a few minutes each day goes a long way, so at the very least be mindful and just breathe deep!

-Our levels of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin that’s actually a hormone, increase when we spend time in the sun which is awesome because it’s so important for both our mood and immunity!  Remember that only 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight, without sunscreen, is all that’s needed.

-Be sure to protect yourself against burning by staying out of the sun during peak hours. Wear a natural sunscreen if you have to be out between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm or cover up with light weight clothing and a hat. Finding a balance is so important for our overall health and wellness when it comes to the sun!

-Physical activity boosts our endorphins, our brains “feel good” neurotransmitters helping us feel clear headed and calm….who doesn’t want and need more of that?! Go for a hike, dust off your bike, have a swim or start of game of volleyball!

And remember to stay hydrated: Half our body weight in ounces of good quality water….more if it’s really hot and please…PLEASE no bottled water. All those empty plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment. AND the water contains endocrine disrupters, leached from the plastic, that slowly poison our body….no one needs that. So carry a reusable water bottle and fill as needed…super simple!



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