Go easy

I’m waiting…..

They’re answering the phone, chatting with a colleague…otherwise engaged.
They send me somewhere else, another line, a cranky cashier.
I ask a question, get a snarky reply.

I find myself getting more and more irritated.

Now I’m getting cranky.

I’ve worked retail before. I know what good customer service is..and this isn’t it.

Then I remember that I have a choice, getting cranky and stressed or waiting calmly is my choice.
I decide…and instantly feel better, calmer..quieter.

Here’s the thing…we always have a choice on how we respond to a situation or person.

And, this is a big one:
We never know what’s going on with the other person.
We’re not them
In their head
In their life 

We have no idea

Maybe their car broke down on the way to work.
Maybe they just got a call that their son was expelled from school.
Maybe their Mom is dying.
Maybe their spouse just lost their job.
Maybe they just found out their teenage daughter is pregnant.
Maybe they have no idea how they’re going to pay their rent.

See what I’m saying….

So go easy.
Go easy on those around you.
Go easy on yourself.

Be kind

Be gentle

Be forgiving.

Especially this time of year when everything seems to get magnified: Happiness and gratitude but also grief and loneliness.

Take that walk
Get a massage
Call a friend
Do what you need
Reach out for help or reach out to help.

You’ve got tools, now is the time to use them. Fill your cup then the cup of others.

Go easy…be well.


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  1. Crystal Veinot

    Thank you for this beautiful message and reminder…I shared this with my yoga class yesterday

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