1. It’s February and I’m talking about heart health!

    Here we go… Eat well: Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help manage your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all important for heart health. Eat a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and omega-3  essential fatty acids, while limiting sugar and refined foods. Consider adding more plant based meals to your weekly menu, your body, […]

  2. When the Universe calls you out

    After you’ve made a commitment or recommitted to something. Suddenly it’s in your face, like the Universe heard you, because it did, and said “okay, lets see how serious you really are”. You’re left wondering how serious you really are….should you go for it or put it off? Did you mean you were going to exercise […]

  3. Go easy

    I’m waiting….. They’re answering the phone, chatting with a colleague…otherwise engaged. They send me somewhere else, another line, a cranky cashier. I ask a question, get a snarky reply. I find myself getting more and more irritated. Now I’m getting cranky. I’ve worked retail before. I know what good customer service is..and this isn’t it. Then […]

  4. Clarity

    Last week I woke up with this incredible sense of gratitude (also a sense of “how did I get here?”). Here being: In this house With my husband Two amazing daughters, son in law and now a granddaughter.. In an awesome community with great friends and work I love! A life I love, of which […]

  5. What do I eat

    Maybe a strange question but considering I tell most of my clients to stop eating wheat, sugar, dairy, corn and soy, asking what I eat seems understandable. I’m not overly fond of labels but to make things easier I say I’m gluten free/vegan. I’m really more of a pescaterian because I do eat a bit […]

  6. I’m not great at transitions

    At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself for years. When I say transitions I mean going from working to life, or vice versa…with everything in between. You know, home from a conference, vacation or visiting and back into “real life”. For some reason we think we should be able to multi task as well […]

  7. You can call me Oma

    My daughter gave birth to a daughter…. I was blessed, and honoured to be there and witness the miracle. I say miracle because the birth of a tiny human is a miracle. I feel that we often forget that. We forget that our bodies are beautifully and perfectly made. My daughter was fully present, in the […]

  8. Long lazy days of Summer

    The perfect time to spend time outside, in nature, alone or with family and friends, soaking up the sun and reconnecting! -Take time to unplug from electronic devices that have become a huge part of our lives! On the one hand they can make our lives easier allowing us to get more done and stay connected. […]

  9. I felt like I would die, if she did

    I remember that feeling when my sister was battling cancer. And then she did…but I didn’t…. Those memories return to me as our tiny town mourns. A young man is lost, a man I never met but I still feel the sadness that lies like a blanket over our community. Shock Disbelief Saddness Grief We […]

  10. I was annoyed and now I’m pissed!!

    Last year my husband organized a community clean up that took place right around Earth Day. Although community turn out wasn’t great, the local elementary school got involved and several tons of trash were collected. Including items like tires and wooden pallets…those kids worked hard! I was amazed, no shocked, at how much garbage there […]