1. Something different

    As you’ve heard me say before, I really limit my consumption of social media. Actually all media (main stream) since we don’t get the paper, have a TV or listen to the radio. So I’m surprised when I notice how much the crazy energy of the world effects me. Not hard to jump to the conclusion that everyone […]

  2. Just Breathe

    It’s the times we’re living in. Many days it seems overwhelming. Often I feel like I’m waiting to wake up and then I realize I am awake. The negativity, the fear, the stories being told. The stories that aren’t being told and need to be. Who to listen to. Who and what to trust. You know […]

  3. Zack Bush, MD

      For years I’ve been talking to people about gut health and the gut-brain axis. Quite frankly most people don’t see/believe the link because it’s so far out from what we hear from allopathic medicine. Luckily that’s slowly changing, as more and more research is being done to support the importance of this axis. But […]

  4. Roadside musings

    Since I walk and or cycle everyday in our village I notice what’s going on. Especially along the side of the road because…well …that’s not only quite visible to me but the most interesting place for our dog. While Kevin, our Alaskan Malamute, is sniffing and exploring, I’ve been noticing the abundance of plant life […]

  5. Feeling all the feelings!

    I’m committed to thirty days of emotional detox! I’m feeling all the feelings and letting them go! And with everything that’s going on in the world, there’s no better time. Here’s what I’ve learned about feelings versus emotions because lets face it, we all use the terms interchangeably. And no wonder, there can be a […]

  6. Comfort Food

    Yup…it’s soup because that’s how I roll! Sometimes self care is really getting back to basics: Nourishing our body with good food, staying hydrated with good quality water, movement and exercise, sleep, setting boundaries, etc. So soup is perfect, especially for today since it’s cooler, remember it’s still only June, and it’s a rainy day […]

  7. I am not afraid

    I’m finding it interesting that a song known as the unofficial anthem of the labour and civil rights movement has been stuck in my head for over a month. Lets face it there’s a lot going on “out there” right now. Lots of finger pointing, lots of fear, lots of information from so many different […]

  8. Point of Referrence

    I remember when my Father passed away. It was sudden so no time to process. My sisters and I joked, because humour is always helpful in these situations, that a heads up would have been nice. I remember feeling like everything had changed. Everything. I felt like a different person as I navigated and wrestled […]

  9. It’s February and I’m talking about heart health!

    Here we go… Eat well: Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help manage your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all important for heart health. Eat a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and omega-3  essential fatty acids, while limiting sugar and refined foods. Consider adding more plant based meals to your weekly menu, your body, […]

  10. When the Universe calls you out

    After you’ve made a commitment or recommitted to something. Suddenly it’s in your face, like the Universe heard you, because it did, and said “okay, lets see how serious you really are”. You’re left wondering how serious you really are….should you go for it or put it off? Did you mean you were going to exercise […]