1. I felt like I would die, if she did

    I remember that feeling when my sister was battling cancer. And then she did…but I didn’t…. Those memories return to me as our tiny town mourns. A young man is lost, a man I never met but I still feel the sadness that lies like a blanket over our community. Shock Disbelief Saddness Grief We […]

  2. I’m coming out

    I am a network marketer… There, I said it and it feels good! I’ve been involved with this one company for over four years. I love the company, the community and the product. However, I’ve still been a bit shy, for lack of a better word, to fully embrace the business model. And say those words… […]

  3. Molly’s Fudge

    For years my sister Molly would make fudge at Christmas time, along with other goodies, and gift them to family and friends. Seriously, her fudge was the best I’d ever tasted, although admittedly, I’m no expert. Still this was her “thing” that she did every year and everyone looked forward to it. So when I […]

  4. Founders Day Weekend

    I always, always, wait until the last minute to write. I’m a procrastinator, which doesn’t help the fact that I totally forgot abut my newsletter. Not a good thing….and since I’m being totally transparent, I write about whatever I feel moved to write about. Most of the time…no plan… Plus it doesn’t take much to […]

  5. What drives me crazy

      The whole idea of flu season. There I said it. I’ll confess that I don’t watch television, or listen to the news, or read the paper….shocking right? However, I still know what’s happening because it happens every year at this time. There’s talk about the approaching flu season….and mostly scary talk, like we need to […]

  6. I’m diving deep into Tapping!

    And it’s the final couple days of the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit! So what is Tapping you may be asking. Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a holistic healing technique that we can use on ourselves that can help resolve a variety of issues. Including chronic pain, anxiety, addictions, limiting beliefs, etc. Using the […]

  7. My New Year Epiphany

    I really do think that we, all of us for the most part, have it backwards. Everyday I hear it, I’ve even said it myself more then once. I don’t have time….. To eat right To exercise To meditate To take care of myself. It’s time consuming, and hard, and expensive….. Really? Is that what […]

  8. My favourite things

      I thought I’d share some of my favourite things or tools that I use myself and suggest to my clients. Why?  Because we all need help in supporting our health and wellness on a daily basis. Yes, you heard me right…daily. So here’s my list: Anything Katy Bowman..her books, podcasts, DVD’s whatever….anything she has to […]

  9. A howling dog

    Seriously, it’s so distracting!! Loud and uncomfortable, because yes, I do feel I should be comforting him instead of writing this. However, it is a wonderful example of full expression of feelings. Imagine this…Daddy has gone to work, Mommy is trying to work, no friends to play with….feeling lonely, so very lonely. His instinct is […]

  10. Raindrop

      Have you ever heard of a Raindrop Therapy, or Technique? Well, it’s a method of applying essential oils to the body that was developed in 1989 by D. Gary Young. The technique is based on his research of the essential oils, his knowledge of the VitaFlex points on the feet and the effects of the massage […]