I’m a day late

I know that my commitment to you is to have my newsletter in your inbox the first Tuesday of the month.

And it’s now Wednesday, so it’s late, but here’s the thing…I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Why? Because what’s the point….maybe you didn’t notice, or you forgot, or you don’t care. Either way, beating myself up about it isn’t going to change anything..it’s still arriving to you, a day later then promised.

The real reason I’m not beating myself up about it…I’m working on my self care. When I say self care, I actually mean self talk, which is different then having a massage, a pedicure, a girls night out….or a spa day. All things we generally associate with self care or at least what many talk about as being self care. That’s all great, taking time to do what feeds our soul, fills the well, nurtures our bodies, mind and spirit is all good. And so important in our busy world.

However, what about the self talk or conversation that goes on in our head, every day…all day?

The I can’t, I shouldn’t, I’m so stupid, I’m so forgetful, I’ll never get it done, I’m no good….on and on and on.

I’m challenging you to stop, just stop.
Pay attention to those words, be mindful of how and what you tell yourself. I know self help is all the rage right now but nothing changes unless you do.
Be the change, the change you want to see in your work, your relationships and in yourself. 

This is the self care I’m taking about.

I am are the two most powerful words there are so watch what you put after them.

I am wise
I am loved
I am okay
I am special
I am healthy

Need help? Reach out, to a friend, family member, a book, so many great ones out there, reach out to me..whatever you need to get started on a journey of self care.

Self love is where it all begins. Just start, I’m right here with you.


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