1. I felt like I would die, if she did

    I remember that feeling when my sister was battling cancer. And then she did…but I didn’t…. Those memories return to me as our tiny town mourns. A young man is lost, a man I never met but I still feel the sadness that lies like a blanket over our community. Shock Disbelief Saddness Grief We […]

  2. I must have slept wrong…

        Have you said this yourself, or know someone who has? Well, I hear it a lot…but seriously, how do we sleep wrong? Unless it’s in a chair or on a plane..that I can see but in our own bed? We go to bed and we’re fine, we wake up in pain. What the […]

  3. Founders Day Weekend

    I always, always, wait until the last minute to write. I’m a procrastinator, which doesn’t help the fact that I totally forgot abut my newsletter. Not a good thing….and since I’m being totally transparent, I write about whatever I feel moved to write about. Most of the time…no plan… Plus it doesn’t take much to […]

  4. Pie is good, but rocks are better!

      I’m talking about rocks as an analogy to our body and health as opposed to a pie. Not a real pie of course, but a circle “cut” into eight slices, each representing an aspect of our health. For instance: water, fresh air, laughter, love/relationships, structure, meaningful work, nourishing food, sunshine, etc. For years I […]

  5. Ask me anything about my education.

     Like many complementary modalities, Osteopathic Manual Therapy is an unregulated profession in Canada. That’s a fact….and because of that fact, anyone can  hang up a shingle and call themselves an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner or DOMP. So when someone asks me if I mind if they ask where I studied, if I’m registered/certified or if my services can be […]

  6. Osteopathic Manual Therapy Part 2

    I’m sure you’ve heard me say that Osteopathy is a way of thinking as opposed to a way of doing.   Put three, or more, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (DOMP) in the same room with the same client and we’ll all treat them differently. Why is that?  It’s because we all apply the principles of Osteopathy differently, even […]

  7. Osteopathic Manual Therapy

      What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy? Do you have to go to school for that? Seriously, I’m asked questions like this all the time and you’d think that by this time I would have an easy answer. You know like a 2 minute elevator speech or something. …I don’t. Since International Osteopathic Healthcare Week is […]