1. I am not afraid

    I’m finding it interesting that a song known as the unofficial anthem of the labour and civil rights movement has been stuck in my head for over a month. Lets face it there’s a lot going on “out there” right now. Lots of finger pointing, lots of fear, lots of information from so many different […]

  2. It’s February and I’m talking about heart health!

    Here we go… Eat well: Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help manage your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all important for heart health. Eat a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and omega-3  essential fatty acids, while limiting sugar and refined foods. Consider adding more plant based meals to your weekly menu, your body, […]

  3. What do I eat

    Maybe a strange question but considering I tell most of my clients to stop eating wheat, sugar, dairy, corn and soy, asking what I eat seems understandable. I’m not overly fond of labels but to make things easier I say I’m gluten free/vegan. I’m really more of a pescaterian because I do eat a bit […]

  4. What drives me crazy

      The whole idea of flu season. There I said it. I’ll confess that I don’t watch television, or listen to the news, or read the paper….shocking right? However, I still know what’s happening because it happens every year at this time. There’s talk about the approaching flu season….and mostly scary talk, like we need to […]

  5. Wedding, hiking and home hummus

    Several years ago I gave away a perfectly good food processor. I never used it. It was cumbersome to use and to clean. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what to use it for as most times, I used my blender. A couple years later, after my Canadian Tire blender broke, I bought a VitaMix, […]

  6. That’s a whole lot of drinking!

    My impression when I look at my morning lineup, and that doesn’t include the water I drank as soon as I got up! We’ve all read articles on morning routines and how important they can be. Really, how we start our day can set us up for the entire day. Seriously who wants to start […]

  7. A week long hangover!

    I’m talking about a wheat hangover, and maybe it’s been closer to two weeks. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time this happened. I know it was on my birthday, or the result of my birthday maybe  three or four years ago. My husband, or maybe it was me, decided the best way to celebrate […]

  8. My favourite things

      I thought I’d share some of my favourite things or tools that I use myself and suggest to my clients. Why?  Because we all need help in supporting our health and wellness on a daily basis. Yes, you heard me right…daily. So here’s my list: Anything Katy Bowman..her books, podcasts, DVD’s whatever….anything she has to […]

  9. I love soup

    I know what you’re thinking: It’s Fall and everyone loves soup in the Fall which is true but I love soup all year round. All Summer I was making soup, mostly “creamed” soups which basically meant that I was blending them into creamy goodness since I don’t eat dairy. And that makes it  pretty close […]