Be Still and Know

” My mind’s distracted and diffused. My thoughts are many miles away.”

Ever feel like that? Out of sorts? Scattered? Knowing you should, could do more, be more?

Thinking, thinking, thinking…

So stuck in your head that you can’t get out of your own way.
Can’t make a decision.
Can’t move forward..with a project or plan.
Feeling stuck.
Or maybe not stuck but overwhelmed with choices and or possibilities.

I say… just start
Just do it..but what’s it?
Is that part of the problem or the solution?

For me that means taking a step back…..and sitting with it.
Whatever “it” is.

Or better yet just sitting….
Clearing the head
Quieting the mind
Being still
Into the stillness


Then doing from that place
That place of stillness
Of knowing

Moving forward
Into ourselves
A better version
A clearer version

No overwhelm
No distraction
No confusion
Just us

Our true self.


Photo Credit: Terry Murphy

Opening line: Kathy’s Song, Paul Simon



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