I’m not great at transitions

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself for years.
When I say transitions I mean going from working to life, or vice versa…with everything in between.

You know, home from a conference, vacation or visiting and back into “real life”.

For some reason we think we should be able to multi task as well as go from one task to another quickly.
A seamless flow “managing” both the large and small details of life.

We can do it all and then some. In record time. We pat ourselves on the back for getting it done, the more the better, busy, busy busy.

Go go go…

The more we can squeeze in the better.

Not me…

I need down time
I need rest
I need time to transition
Time to feel…to process.

If not, my brain feels scrambled, my body feels anxious.
A reminder that I need to sit with how I’m feeling, what’s important for today..and do that.
That may be nothing
Or it may be something
That’s up to me

I’ll know once I stop, connect and listen.
And then I’ll transition…when ready, when it’s time.

Respect your time, your pace….you do you.


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