When the Universe calls you out

After you’ve made a commitment or recommitted to something.

Suddenly it’s in your face, like the Universe heard you, because it did, and said “okay, lets see how serious you really are”.

You’re left wondering how serious you really are….should you go for it or put it off?

Did you mean you were going to exercise EVERYDAY?

Did you mean it when you said you were going to make your health a priority?

Did you mean you were going to stop smoking?

Did you mean you were going to spend less time on the computer/phone?

 I’m sure you can relate. After all it is January…many of us make unrealistic, or even realistic goals for the New Year and then …there it is in our face, taunting us to prove that we mean it.
To step up and put our money where our mouth is.
Walk our talk.
Step up to the plate.
You know what I’m saying. 

So last week I was listening to a FaceBook live done by a woman I follow and really respect. She said something that really resonated with me.

It wasn’t new to me, and in all fairness it’s something I’ve been dabbling with but the way she said it hit me.

Almost like her saying it again, was giving me permission or validating my thoughts and feelings around the topic.

My body responded with a huge YES!!!
I immediately sharing it with a couple friends and they had a similar almost visceral reaction.

I could feel my body just soaking it in, knowing, no feeling, that this was a Truth for me at this time in my life.

I’m ALL in….ALL in!!!

And then I got sick….fighting a virus.
Down enough that I had to reschedule clients.
Down enough that I’m revisiting my “tools”.
That I’m asking myself several times a day “What do I need now?” .
And I do that.

I’m “behind” on my new offering….behind on my newsletter, behind…but it’s okay.
I’m not actually behind.
I’m stepping up to the plate, walking my talk, letting the Universe know: I mean it!! 

“Body first, business second”

I’ll leave that with you.
Just hanging out there….for you to ponder.
What is the Universe calling you out on?



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