1. Comfort Food

    Yup…it’s soup because that’s how I roll! Sometimes self care is really getting back to basics: Nourishing our body with good food, staying hydrated with good quality water, movement and exercise, sleep, setting boundaries, etc. So soup is perfect, especially for today since it’s cooler, remember it’s still only June, and it’s a rainy day […]

  2. What do I eat

    Maybe a strange question but considering I tell most of my clients to stop eating wheat, sugar, dairy, corn and soy, asking what I eat seems understandable. I’m not overly fond of labels but to make things easier I say I’m gluten free/vegan. I’m really more of a pescaterian because I do eat a bit […]

  3. Molly’s Fudge

    For years my sister Molly would make fudge at Christmas time, along with other goodies, and gift them to family and friends. Seriously, her fudge was the best I’d ever tasted, although admittedly, I’m no expert. Still this was her “thing” that she did every year and everyone looked forward to it. So when I […]

  4. Wedding, hiking and home hummus

    Several years ago I gave away a perfectly good food processor. I never used it. It was cumbersome to use and to clean. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what to use it for as most times, I used my blender. A couple years later, after my Canadian Tire blender broke, I bought a VitaMix, […]

  5. Boomerang cold

    Perfect, after patting myself on the back for having such a healthy winter, I get sick! This was me last week, no there’s no picture, I wouldn’t do that to anyone. Last Tuesday I woke up sick…sore throat, head ache and oh so tired! I drive our pup to daycare, to spend the day burning off […]