Molly’s Fudge

For years my sister Molly would make fudge at Christmas time, along with other goodies, and gift them to family and friends. Seriously, her fudge was the best I’d ever tasted, although admittedly, I’m no expert.
Still this was her “thing” that she did every year and everyone looked forward to it. So when I asked her for her recipe, she said no…after all, it was her thing.
Then she changed her mind and gave it to me with the promise I wouldn’t share it: the recipe or the fudge with other family and friends. Fair enough…

Several years later Molly passed away after a four and a half year battle with breast cancer…way too young.

Now every year at Christmas when I make fudge, to share with my family and friends, I think of my sister.

I think about the time she used organic butter in the fudge to make it healthier….

I think of her kids.
All that loved her and were loved by her.
Time spent…and time lost.
How things change..quickly…and not so quickly all at the same time.
What a blessing we have…we are.

In that spirit, I share with you, with Molly’s blessing:

Molly’s Fudge

Blend together in a large pot:
1/2 cup butter
5 cups sugar
12 oz evaporated milk
12 oz Fluff
1 teas salt
Bring to a boil over med-low heat stirring often. Boil for five minutes, stirring constantly because it will stick to the bottom of the pot!
Remove from heat and stir in:
1 teas vanilla extract
24 oz chocolate chips
When melted and smooth, quickly pour into 2 9″x9″ buttered pans and cool.

Enjoy…with family, friends or well, it’s way too much fudge for one person, but that’s just my opinion!

And enjoy the warmth and love of all those you hold dear.


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