Me time

A couple weeks ago someone suggested to me that I do something just for me, something fun. I was stumped, or maybe stunned….
First, It was my daughter who said it to me.
Second, when I thought of something just for me, I had a hard time coming up with something.
And third, fun??
The whole thing threw me into a tizzy, for lack of a better word.
The confusion, I believe, came from the fact that when I put the phrase “just for me” and “fun” together I drew a blank. Pretty shocking considering my New Years resolution, for lack of a better word, for the past few years has been to have more fun. I did realize at some point that I needed to define what was fun for me. What that meant and/or looked like and honestly I thought I had, but apparently not. Or maybe it was that I had lost sight of what that looked like in the year-end hustle and bustle of life? Something that I’m sure you can relate to.
Anyway, I won’t bore you with what I ended up doing but it was interesting that shortly after that I came across an article on FaceBook with the title: 81 Activities to Add to Your Self-Care Plan.
And I thought, eighty-one? Really? Who has time for that?
At the same time it dawned on me, ahhhhh, that self-care (for yourself/fun) doesn’t have to be grand, fancy and/or expensive. AND…that what does it for one person doesn’t do it for another, obviously right?! That’s how they came up with 81!!!
So what was on this list? Things like:

Read a new book.
Sing at the top of your lungs
Learn to play a new board game
Play on a swing set
Have a massage
Try a new sport
Say “no”
Play in the snow
Listen to music
Walk on the beach
Take a class (art, language, craft)

Interestingly, when I went through the list I realized that I had recently done quite a few of the things on the list. It was fun. And some were just for me, while other’s I shared with someone else, and that was fun too. It reminded me that as I’m scheduling my time, I need to schedule me time. Time for me that is fun.
So I challenge you to do something fun, just for you. Can be something big like a Spa Day or something small like walking in the snow, having tea with a friend. Schedule that quality me/fun time once a month, once a week or everyday, doesn’t matter as long as you make the time and do it. And schedule it or it won’t get done!

Here’s to more fun!



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