A week long hangover!

I’m talking about a wheat hangover, and maybe it’s been closer to two weeks.

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time this happened. I know it was on my birthday, or the result of my birthday maybe  three or four years ago. My husband, or maybe it was me, decided the best way to celebrate was with pizza. And chocolate cake…

It was awesome, yummy vegetarian pizza and the chocolate cake of my childhood…which I made myself because if I’m going to eat chocolate cake, that’s the one I want. I enjoyed every bit of my birthday dinner but woke up the next day with…you guessed it, a wheat hangover. You know what I mean, headache, sluggish mind and body, fatigue and achy joints. It was rough..then I did it all again because there were left overs, and it was my birthday after all.

Since then I’ve cut wheat (gluten) totally out of my diet, along with sugar, diary, corn and soy. All good…lots of veggies (my favourite food group), nuts/seeds, small amounts of seafood (think condiment), some fruit in season, etc.

And then came this Christmas and not sure what happened…started with a bit here and there and before I knew it headaches, fatigue, achey, cranky (there I said it), muscle and joint pain. Every day…….

Not fun! However, it is a lesson learned or a reminder of why I do what I do. In this case eat well, choose to eat well….so I can be free of those annoyances. Seriously, who wants to feel like that? Certainly not me! I’ve got too much to do, and why not do it feeling great by being smart about my food choices?

So although I don’t usually make New Years resolutions, my goal is to get back on that wagon and feeling great! I know how and why, so easy peasy, I’m already half way there!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!


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