That’s a whole lot of drinking!

5414a554-d48d-4cd0-863b-691b8b396cffMy impression when I look at my morning lineup, and that doesn’t include the water I drank as soon as I got up!

We’ve all read articles on morning routines and how important they can be. Really, how we start our day can set us up for the entire day. Seriously who wants to start their day feeling tired, stressed and rushed? No one I know…so establishing a morning routine and making it a priority can have a huge impact.

I’ll confess, I’m a morning person….even though I love my sleep, so maybe it’s easy for me. I get to bed by ten o’clock and I’m up before seven…and yes, I do need that much sleep. Having an evening routine before bed to wind down, as well as having a “bedtime” is really important to get adequate rest. Bedtimes really are for everyone, not just kids!Here’s my morning routine:

I don’t use an alarm clock as I wake naturally.
As soon as I get up I drink a full glass or water.
I heat water for tea, make a smoothie and then sit and write my morning pages. Morning pages is  practice of “emptying” the mind, writing three pages of whatever comes to mind. No worries about penmanship, spelling, etc. as no one is going to read it, not even me. I’ve been doing morning pages on and on for years because I always wake up with lots of chatter in my head! If interested in learning more, check out Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I drink my smoothie as I write or sometimes after I’m finished.  And sometimes I huff oils as well…just saying…

Next, depending on the day, I get moving by going for a walk, doing yoga or jumping on my trampoline. If it’s an on my mat sort of morning, then usually I’m applying some oils as well. Then I shower and get ready for my day…and drink my red raspberry leaf tea, for its anti viral properties.

At this point I’m hydrated, nourished and grounded, ready to start my day! I see my first patient at ten o’clock in the morning because my morning is important to me because, like I already mentioned, my morning sets the tone for my day.

This mornings smoothie recipe:
2 cups frozen mango
2 cups frozen raspberries
2 heaping tablespoons hemp powder
2 scoops Karen phytoplankton
2 cups warm water (more or less)

This makes two large servings and I use warm water because we don’t like ice cold smoothies!

How about you, do you have a morning routine? What about a bedtime? Routine need tweaking….let me know and maybe I can help!



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