I must have slept wrong…



Have you said this yourself, or know someone who has?

Well, I hear it a lot…but seriously, how do we sleep wrong? Unless it’s in a chair or on a plane..that I can see but in our own bed?

We go to bed and we’re fine, we wake up in pain.

What the heck?

Seriously this happened to me about a month ago…woke up and couldn’t stand up straight.

Not good…not fun…what to do…

I went through a check list:

-Yoga the day before, did I over due it?
-Walking the dog, have you seen my dog???
-Less movement then usual, blame that on the weather.
-Has this happened before…yes it has.

Started some self care:

-Arranged for a Raindrop Treatment.
-Oiled up with essential oil blends to reduce pain and inflammation.
-Took a hot epsom salt bath, with essential oils added.
-Messaged my friend, who happens to be an Osteopath, to get on her cancellation list.
-Used Tapping to get to the root of the problem as often times when we have pain, there is an emotional component.

-Alternately applied heat/oils to the area, separately not together, often through the day.
-Cancelled my weekend plans to focus on self care.


That last one is a big one so I’ll say to again: Cancelled my weekend plans to focus on self cure. And continuing…even though I’m feeling better.

I’m telling you what I did to give you an idea of managing pain/injury.

What happens with many of us is we have an injury, we keep going…suck it up so to speak and at some point it gets better (goes away).

With no ice, rest, treatment of any kind…..

The problem is that often it doesn’t actually go away, the symptom does, the body has adapted to the injury/restriction. The body has this amazing ability to self heal and is always looking for balance.
Good for us for sure but after the body has done this for years, and years, it gets tired.
That’s when it reminds us that we need to give it a bit, or a lot of help.
Think of the straw that broke the camels back. Many times that’s what we’re dealing with when we suddenly wake up with pain.
It’s not because we slept wrong it’s because we have been ignoring the signs, restrictions and or injuries. Thinking it will just go away..without any help.

Imagine doing that with our car:
The check engine light goes on and we ignore it.
We notice we need air in a tire and keep on driving.
Gas gauge shows empty and we look the other way.

Ridiculous right? Wouldn’t happen because we need our car to get around so we pay attention to the signs’ or indications that our car needs attention/support.

Same with our body…

So don’t you think it’s time we gave the same attention and support to our body? Schedule some regular self cure care (see what I did there) and or maintenance, whatever that looks like for you.

Let’s face it, we all need a reminder now and then!
Need help? Let me know!


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