Last week I woke up with this incredible sense of gratitude
(also a sense of “how did I get here?”).

Here being:
In this house
With my husband
Two amazing daughters, son in law and now a granddaughter..
In an awesome community with great friends and work I love!
A life I love, of which I’m so grateful for every single part, every single day.

Then I realized that I was stuck in one aspect of my life.
Holding myself back.
Filled with fear and doubt.

So much so that I was not moving forward with my best self.
The what ifs, and what abouts had settled in and were keeping me paralyzed.
I was allowing it to keep me paralyzed…stuck.
Not in a bad place but stagnant, and uncertain, wanting more.

Then suddenly it was clear.
Months, no years of thought/planning/indecision clarified.
Just like that….

Not really but that’s what it felt like.

What actually happened was a stressful situation forced me to look within.
Then a chance meeting, online, of a kindred spirit, helped me to see the situation and myself differently. Another chance meeting reinforced the same.
Add frankincense and cedar wood with an emotional release technique.
And there it was…it is…

Clarity, vision, excitement…can’t wait to share.


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