Roadside musings

Since I walk and or cycle everyday in our village I notice what’s going on. Especially along the side of the road because…well …that’s not only quite visible to me but the most interesting place for our dog.

While Kevin, our Alaskan Malamute, is sniffing and exploring, I’ve been noticing the abundance of plant life along the road edge.

Weeds or herbs?

At first glance we might say weeds but a closer look shows me otherwise!

Broad Leaf Plantain-leaves can be used as a “drawing” poultice for skin infections or bites.Red Clover-makes a great balancing tonic for women experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Yarrow-can be used as a poultice for skin conditions.

Horse tail-high in silica it’s traditionally used for both eye and skin conditions.

Dandelion-the leaves can be consumed, fresh or steamed, as “bitters” that help support digestion. The roots can be dried and made into a tea as a coffee substitute that supports both digestion and the liver.

Queen Anne’s Lace-not exactly a home remedy but an interesting fact is that carrot seed essential oil is made from the seeds (daucus carota)! Another fun fact is that you can pick and press the flower heads and then hang them on your Christmas tree…they look like snowflakes!

Mullein-the leaves can be used for tea that helps support respiratory issues.

Rose-rosehips are a great source of naturally occurring vitamin C, while rose essential oil is made from the petals of roses. High quality rose oil has a very high vibration, is amazing in skin care products and is very expensive!

Raspberry-red raspberry leaf tea is a great tonic for woman as it supports/tones the uterus. It’s also great for immune support specifically viruses. And of course the berries are just plain yummy!

Goldenrod-again not a home remedy but golden rod (solidago canadensis) flowers can be steam distilled into essential oil and used to support both the circulatory and urinary systems. When I was in Utah last September, at the Young Living Lavender Farm they were distilling goldenrod and it smelled amazing!

All this and more all on the side of the road!
Weeds? I say no…
I say an amazing gift from nature that we can use to support our health and wellness.

I feel blessed…and grateful for that.



** If you do any harvesting from your yard or the roadside make sure you’re mindful of what our picking and that the roadside vegetation may be contaminated with…who knows what..unfortunately**

**This post is not in any way to be taken as medical advice. Please see your health care provider for any conditions/issues you may be having**


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