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As you’ve heard me say before, I really limit my consumption of social media. Actually all media (main stream) since we don’t get the paper, have a TV or listen to the radio.

So I’m surprised when I notice how much the crazy energy of the world effects me. Not hard to jump to the conclusion that everyone is feeling it.

So I felt it would be the perfect time to share this meditation with you.

It’s quick and easy but packs a punch…in a good way.

Heart Lock-In® Technique

In a comfortable position:

1. Put your attention to the area around your heart. I find it helpful to place one hand over my heart and the other on my solar plexus giving me a focal point.

2. Then shift your breathing so that you are breathing in through the heart and out through the solar plexus (visualize this). Either in/out through your nose, or in through the nose (heart) and out through your mouth (solar plexus).

3. Activate a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. An easy why to do this is to think about a person, pet or event that brings up feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation.

4. Make a sincere effort to sustain feelings of appreciation, care or love while radiating them, or the feeling, through your body. Filling your body…

5. If you catch your mind wandering, gently focus your breathing back through the heart and solar plexus, reconnecting with feelings of care or appreciation.

Continue for a minimum of five minutes.
After you’ve finished, sincerely sustain your feelings of care and appreciation as long as you can. This will act as a cushion against recurring stress or anxiety.

Doing this once or twice a day, even for just five minutes can make a huge difference.
Try it and let me know!

On another note:

I’m really feeling called to service these days. So after much thought, I’m changing my paid membership to a free group.

You’ll find all the tools that I use and share with my clients plus weekly live videos. If you’re looking for more support on your health journey you can join here:


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