Seems like we’re all stuck in fight, fight or freeze mode.

This is what happens when we feel threatened.

We get stuck in sympathetic response.
This type of response is lifesaving if we’re being chased by a bear, or our house is on fire. But it’s not useful or healthy to be in that response daily.
To live there.

It’s exhausting, non productive and super hard on our bodies.
We can’t think clearly.
We can’t connect with our intuition. Our inner knowing that helps guide us towards making life decisions that are best for us.

Not good.
And yet here we are.

Now there’s lots happening that we can’t change, or we feel we can’t change.

What we can do is change how we react to those things.

We can get out of the pattern of sympathetic response by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, the second branch of our autonomic nervous system.

The one responsible for rest, digest and repair. 


By incorporating some of these strategies or practices into our day:

-Meditation-I love the Heart Locke-In Technique
-Essential oils-jasmine, cedar wood, lavender, marjoram, etc.
-Breath work-deep/slow breathing through the nose
-Humming and or singing
-Earthing-being outside in nature, hugging a tree, stand barefoot
-Movement-walking, dancing, yoga, fitness classes
-Smile and laugh-watch a funny movie
-Support gut health-fresh/whole foods and ferments
-Tapping (EFT)-even a few minutes each day

Pick a couple, do them consistently, like every single day. Don’t wait until you’ve crashed and burned. Or are burning…be proactive by making it part of your daily self care.

If you’ve already burned, meaning you’ve been in this state for years, it will take longer, but you can do it!


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