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I thought I’d share some of my favourite things or tools that I use myself and suggest to my clients.

Why?  Because we all need help in supporting our health and wellness on a daily basis. Yes, you heard me right…daily. So here’s my list:

  • Anything Katy Bowman..her books, podcasts, DVD’s whatever….anything she has to say is right on, in my opinion. We all need to move more and her work tells us why and how. Two of my go to are “Dynamic Aging” and “Whole Body Barefoot”. Check out
  • “The Oh She Glows Cookbook” and “Oh She Glows Every Day” are vegan cookbooks by Angela Liddon. Every recipe is so yummy….sweet potato, chickpea and spinach coconut curry…so yummy. Detox’ve heard me talk about this one before. Not saying you need to become vegan but everyone can benefit from adding more plant based meals to their diet.
  • Anyone who has chronic issues has to look at the emotions….EVERYONE! We all have stuff. Stuff we’ve stuffed down/in that is effecting us physically and emotionally, getting in the way of our lives and relationships. Louise Hay’s work is awesome for helping us change our thought patterns and as the saying goes: Change your mind, change your life! “The Tapping Solution” is also a great tool to use when things come up to help calm the system. More about that at
  • Young Living essential oils….are one of my favourite things for sure because they are AWESOME! Everyone needs to have these oils in their home. They can replace over the counter meds, toxic cleaning products, personal care products (full of petroleum byproducts), can be used in cooking and with pets. I’m talking supporting a healthy home and body, physically/emotionally/spiritually. I only recommend YL because I believe they are the best. Find out more at
  • Bach Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic remedy to comfort and reassure. Need I say more? Safe for kids, pets, as well as adults. Our family has used RR for years: fear of flying, death in the family, exams, public speaking, etc. Really does just take the edge off and quickly as it’s absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth. Depending on the situation essential oils may work faster as they go directly to the limbic system (memories/emotions)in the brain. Everyone is different so both great tools to have on hand.
  • Rebounder or mini trampoline is amazing for stimulating lymphatic flow. Headaches, aches, puffy ankles that get worse with weather changes? Got to get that lymph draining and since it has no pump of its own, rebounding helps as does massage, waking briskly, dry brushing, etc. Ask around as rebounders come in and out of fashion, someone you know may have one you can borrow and try out. Mine is outside in the Summer and inside during the Winter months. A few minutes each day is all you need…Take my word for it when I say keep it handy, or it won’t get used.
  • Neti pot is great for cleaning out sinuses for anyone with chronic issues, along with diet changes and liver support of course.
  • Squatty Potty, or as my husband says “stool tool” puts the body in better alignment to eliminate. Enough said….

On that note I will end… In this busy time of year it is my hope that these tools can offer you some support and or give you some great gift giving ideas!

Happy Holidays!


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