Founders Day Weekend

I always, always, wait until the last minute to write. I’m a procrastinator, which doesn’t help the fact that I totally forgot abut my newsletter. Not a good thing….and since I’m being totally transparent, I write about whatever I feel moved to write about. Most of the time…no plan…

Plus it doesn’t take much to throw me off, because between the time change and the fact that I had been in  Toronto (an hour behind), I spent Tuesday thinking it was Monday. After spending most of Monday wondering what time it was.

All good as today, Wednesday, I’m reflecting on my time in Toronto at the Founders Day Weekend……

The Founders Day Weekend is our annual osteopathic symposium, presented by the Canadian College of Osteopathy, that I’ve been attending for several years. Basically for two reasons: continuing education and reconnection.

This year I attended a workshop “Clinical Approaches tis the Assessment & Treatment for Persistent Concussion Symptoms” taught by Laura Leslie, DO, Clinical Concussion Specialist. Needless to say, it was good, great instructor, great information. I came home with a better understanding of persistent concussion symptoms and feel I have a few more tools in my tool box for my clients.

As far as the reconnection part: hanging out with colleagues, seeing former classmates, travel time with old study buddies…even better. 

As a lifelong learner, I love to learn new concepts/tools/ways to help people plus the continuing education is necessary to maintain my membership/certification with our professional association. However, especially as a health care provider that works from my home, by myself, connection is important. Maybe even more so then the continuing education….there it is, I said it out loud.

Of course I stay in touch with my friends who are also colleagues, or colleagues that have become friends. Like many in our digital world, I relay on FB messaging, texting, occasionally phone calls and sad to say rarely meeting in person. We’re all so busy..or so we think.

So my big take away from my big weekend in Toronto that looked like this: Airport, Hotel, School, Hotel Restaurant, School, Hotel, Airport….is spend more time with friends and peers!!

Seriously these connections are important, they feed our soul, live and in person I’m talking. Share, cry, laugh, treat (or whatever), eat and share some more….adjoining rooms helps, I’m just saying. This is what life is and this was the best part of the weekend, hands down! 

So call that friend, have lunch or tea or a sleepover but do it, you won’t regret it! Do it now, because the longer you wait, the less likely it will happen!


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