I felt like I would die, if she did

I remember that feeling when my sister was battling cancer.

And then she did…but I didn’t….

Those memories return to me as our tiny town mourns.

A young man is lost, a man I never met but I still feel the sadness that lies like a blanket over our community.


We suck at grief…
And death

We don’t know what to say
How to act or what to do
Whether someone has passed or is on the fast track.

It’s uncomfortable..makes us squirm.

Then we’re expected to “get over it”.
But how..
What’s the time frame?
And how?

Am I right?

Time makes a difference, we all know that…how much depends, on a lot of things.

I know that allowing the feelings helps.

We hold emotions in our body..the good, the bad and the ugly. If we don’t express those feelings, they get locked into our tissues and create pain and dis-ease. Osteopathic Treatments can help, massage, acupuncture, Raindrop Therapy, etc. I’m not talking one treatment or session but a series…it is a journey that is sometimes way longer then we’d like!

Create space for processing and healing… time off work, time alone/time with family, journaling, sleep, move your body, being creative, walks in nature, etc.

Talk about it!! To a therapist or a friend…or both! Be honest with yourself and others about what’s going on and how you’re feeling about it. Use essential oils (bergamot, joy, release are awesome) and or Tapping to help get unstuck/release/process emotions.

Cut yourself some slack and be gentle with yourself and or others in your life that are grieving.

We’re not talking about linear motion here, like I mentioned earlier, it’s a journey. And like most journeys, we’re not moving forward in a straight line but all over the place.

Remember everyone’s grief looks different.
It’s hard..it’s messy…it’s part of life.

We finally get to a place where we can say, hey…they’re gone and I’m still here and doing okay.

I am okay

You’re okay


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