It’s February and I’m talking about heart health!

Here we go…

Eat well: Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help manage your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all important for heart health. Eat a wide variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and omega-3  essential fatty acids, while limiting sugar and refined foods. Consider adding more plant based meals to your weekly menu, your body, and the planet will thank you!

Get active: Exercising regularly can help improve circulation and reduce your risk of developing heart disease along with other dis-eases. Aim for a minimum 2 hours spread out through the week. Doesn’t need to be going to the gym…a daily walk, exercise bike, Zumba class, snowshoe, mini trampoline, etc. Make sure it’s something you enjoy so you’ll stick with it. Grab a friend and make it a priority!

Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight can strain your heart and increase your risk of developing heart disease as well as diabetes and certain types of cancer. Manage your weight with a lifestyle that includes eating well and adequate exercise/movement.

Manage stress: Reducing stress can help you live a healthier and happier life…that’s it in a nutshell and this day and age, everyone is stressed! Try meditating, unplugging from technology, listening to music, walking outside in nature…anything that relaxes and grounds you is good. I’m not talking about a day at the spa or a beach vacation, although both can be helpful…and fun.  But a daily practice to help you relax and stay grounded.

More and more studies are showing the link between our emotional health and our physical health. So feeling and releasing  old emotional patterns is huge when it comes to our health, including heart health! Try Tapping (EFT), essential oils, Trauma Release Exercises, Journaling, talking to a therapist, etc. Find what works for you and release those stuck emotions…feel them to heal them!


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