Point of Referrence

I remember when my Father passed away.

It was sudden so no time to process.
My sisters and I joked, because humour is always helpful in these situations, that a heads up would have been nice.

I remember feeling like everything had changed.

I felt like a different person as I navigated and wrestled with the emotions that came up after the initial shock. Especially as I returned home to work, my girls and my life.

It was strange but after some time had passed, I found my new normal, without my Dad.

I’m finding myself feeling similar emotions now with all the craziness going on with COVID-19.

Suddenly, almost overnight…everything has changed.

What am I feeling? Grief? Anger?
How do I process this?
What’s going to happen?

Here’s what’s different about the two experiences:

When my Dad died everything changed in me. Everything outside, in the world remained the same.

With this, the world has (is) changing and yet I (we) are the same.

Seriously, this is what’s messing with my head (heart)!
And maybe yours as well…

Everyone is talking about a new normal…and
we will find a new normal.
Like I did, and everyone else does, after a life changing event.

In the meantime…
Feel what you’re feeling, the good, the bad and the ugly!
Do what you need to do.
Even if it makes no sense.
Even if it seems crazy…these are crazy times people but it will get better.
It always does.

We will collectively find our new normal and it will be even better then the normal we left behind!


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