Zack Bush, MD


For years I’ve been talking to people about gut health and the gut-brain axis.

Quite frankly most people don’t see/believe the link because it’s so far out from what we hear from allopathic medicine. Luckily that’s slowly changing, as more and more research is being done to support the importance of this axis.

But I digress….

Gut-brain axis for years…

Then last year, after the birth of my grand daughter, I was really thinking about the environment.

For good reason…lets face it, we’re in trouble.
Again not a huge priority for many but over the years we’ve tried do our part.
So we stepped it up for the future of our grand daughter and the planet by installing solar panels.

Then…this ….Covid-19…

Like you, this really has thrown me into a …well…not sure what/how to describe all the feelings. Seems at times there are just no words.

Like you, I’m assuming here, I started looking for answers or support or something. And since we have no TV, mainstream media was not the place I turned to.
Where I turned was resources that I already knew, was already comfortable with…meaning I trusted them.

From one of these resources, and then another, I found Zach Bush, MD back in March. And I listened and thought this guy may be on to something. I was impressed and more then that, his words, although somewhat terrifying, actually comforted me in a way.

Fast forward to this week and here he is on a podcast that I enjoy. The only podcast that I’ve been listening to since it come out four years ago.

Again there’s that trust.

So I’m sharing the interview with you.
Keep an open mind.
It’s two hours long.

Here’s a sneak peak:
-why mainstream media is missing the mark with the “pandemic”
-the fact that we’re in the 6th extinction and what that means
-what viruses actually are
-information about the flu season you won’t hear on TV
-what we can do about all this information

It’s intense at times…this guy is brilliant in how he presents the facts, the science.

And he totally pulls it all together gut-brain axis/microbiom/environment/pandemic.

Seriously it will blow your mind.
Mine was blown back in March and again this week.
Both terrifying and exciting.

I’m going to listen again as there’s so much to digest, it’s that good.

Let me know what you think!


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