Just Breathe

It’s the times we’re living in.

Many days it seems overwhelming.
Often I feel like I’m waiting to wake up and then I realize I am awake.

The negativity, the fear, the stories being told.
The stories that aren’t being told and need to be.

Who to listen to.
Who and what to trust.

You know what I’m saying.
I’m not alone here.

You aren’t alone.

What keeps coming to me, the last week or so, is just breathe.


Breathing brings us back into the moment.
Back into our body.

You may be thinking that you are breathing and that you never stopped. It’s true we just breathe every moment of every day, without thinking.

Or feeling or noticing…

What I’m saying is to breathe consciously, on purpose, with intention.

Draw the breath right down into your body. Through your entire body, let it fill you up.

In through your nose, out through your nose. Using the lower lobes of the lungs, activating the rest and restore part of the nervous system.

I’m not talking all day but a few intentional, grounding breaths each morning and or evening.

When you feel you need it.

Just breathe.

Reconnect, restore, be.

Photo credit: Terry Murphy



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