New Year

I’m reflecting on the past year, which is probably the same thing that you’ve been doing.

I was noticing everyone talking about kicking 2020 to the curb and hoping for a better year.

My husband and I had a conversation about how we had felt about the past year. Seemed we agreed that in spite of everything (life) it had been a good year.

We were lucky.

We are lucky.

After that conversation there were two words that stuck with me.


I felt gratitude for the past year as well as gratitude for the coming year, which I believe is going to be a year of transformation. Even more so then the past year.

To support that I’m using Gratitude and Transformation, two oil blends, each and every time I get down on my mat. On my heart and on my shoulders, breathing it in, feeling it in my body….every morning, every day.

It’s funny because like I’ve already said, I don’t do New Years resolutions. And I don’t pick words for the year, and yet I now have two that seem to be sticking with me.

Two words that I’m carrying forward from last year because lets face it, 2020 wasn’t all bad.

We all have stories, events, memories, big or small that bring a smile to our face. And in the mist of uncertainty that’s a great place to rest in.

In that smile.
That love.
That stillness.

Thats where you can find me, resting in that stillness, listening to the quiet voice that knows.

Feeling gratitude as we transform ourselves and the planet into something greater.

Who’s with me?


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